Our goal was to create a smart printer that would bring down barriers and make 3D printing accessible. This was a great feat in terms of design and usability, because it had to fit aesthetically into any home or office, and it had to be lightweight, silent and wireless.
Moreover, it had to come with the majority of the processes automated, minimal settings, Plug and Play technology and, of course, fantastic printing results.




3D Printing


Reddot Award 2017
BID award Design and Innovation category


The industrial and mechanical design teams managed to successfully reduce the weight to barely 5 kg through careful selection, miniaturisation and integration of components, turning it into one of the lightest printers on the market. They also reduced the sound to a fifth. All of this was achieved with a minimalist aesthetic of simple lines, with white taking center stage.
Product design
Product design
Product design

User experience

To reduce the access barrier, the UI and software teams paid special attention to the user experience.
With Zetup, the user controls the printer and the printing and slicing process with ease, and they can launch a print job in just three easy steps.
Product design
Product design

Spanish manufacture

Assembling a 3D printer requires some serious precision: even the slightest deviation in the mechanics will translate into printing errors. One of the many challenges was having to work intensively with suppliers and moulders for the injection and metrology of the plastic parts. An exhaustive measurement system for the mechanical parts was developed and a rigorous test plan was implemented to ensure the quality and functionality of every printer.
Product design