Wireless networks are the most widely used networks within the home, not only for connecting mobile devices, but also for any device needing access to the internet. Our aim was to create a router that would offer a premium Wi-Fi solution and would meet the requirements most sought after by service providers; reliability, security and ease of use.






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The solutionWi-Fi mesh

The best option for obtaining a premium solution with those features was mesh Wi-Fi, which allows multiple devices to be connected at the same time and simultaneously assigns them the bandwidth. Thanks to this system and to the use of nodes, our solution offered a high-power connection with uniform and stable coverage in all rooms of the house, without loss of signal or outages due to the repeater jumping between bands. At hardware level, a Qualcomm Quad-core CPU was chosen because it offered the best mesh solution on the market.
Custom hardware development

A tri-band router with built-in ONT on a single device

The Networking team came up with the solution as a single device which included Wi-Fi, the Mesh system and the GPON fibre (setting it apart from the majority of routers on the market), and a GPON ONT module was built in to enable connection of the fibre-optic cable directly to the router. What’s more, to reduce interference and to guarantee an excellent speed throughout the entire house, a AC2200 tri-band router was selected with one band at 2.4 GHz and two at 5 GHz.
Custom hardware development

A design that maximises functionality

The Industrial Design team defined an aesthetic of clean, simple lines that could be integrated discreetly into homes and offices and made usability a priority. For example, it ensured that access to the Power-off button was within easy reach and included a front LED, allowing the user to synchronise the nodes with the router, and using different colours to indicate whether they had been situated at the correct distance. At mechanical level, a multi-antenna device that would enhance multi-path propagation, improve heat dissipation and offer larger data transfers with a lower rate of error.
Custom hardware development
Custom hardware development
Custom hardware development